native-warrior-mohini: Your blog is so awesome, so good to see a blog that I can relate too on one side of my heritage. Also what are the songs on your playlist, simply beautiful? 

thank you ! :DD

the artists are called omnia and faun :) enjoy !

violetlenc: I'm amazed by your blog, it's beautiful!! 

thank you mylady :)

whitewolfboy: Hey, I've already been following you for a while but I have to say, your blog is stunning! It reminds me of my ancestors in their wondrous age. Thank you for being who you are. I also love the music on your blog by the way, and would love it if you could send me a link or something :) Hail! from Stefán Sigurðsson 

nice to hear that :DD

the songs are from faun and omnia :)

daddydabbert: Very nice blog 

thank you :)

above-all-shadows-rides-the-sun: I think I have a new fav blog (: 

pleased to hear that :D